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Having a motivated sales team is crucial to the success of any business. The relationships they build, create the foundation of your business, selling your brand or product to clients and customers.  This is not just in terms of individual sales, but also your overall reputation and growth.

Of course money works as a motivator, financial incentives are hugely attractive, but sometimes employees need more than that to make them feel impactful, appreciated and part of the team. So the huge question is, just how can you motivate your sales team beyond the money?

A traditional sales structure would set targets and offer commission paid in line with reaching these. Others add in a “fun” route with contests, trips, tickets, dinners and other innovative rewards.  All of these things are great and have their place but in my experience sales professionals need more than gift cards or event tickets; they also want to succeed in their chosen profession by climbing up the ladder whilst having a fun and dynamic environment to work in.

Even by switching things around a little you can create a feeling of success, for example, additional incentives could be offered for winning new business rather than simply taking repeat orders.

This one sounds a little bonkers but how about rewarding people for not getting sales? Dan McGraw, founder and CEO of Fuelzee, said that one of the best ways his company learned about motivation was by rewarding the sales team for ‘no’s. “Every time someone got a ‘no’, we tracked it in our system, and the person with the most ‘no’s received a $100 gift card every week”, McGraw said.  ”This might sound crazy, but you get a lot of no’s when doing sales. The more no’s you get, the closer you are to getting a yes. The prize of getting a yes is way larger than $100, so you still wanted to get there. This nearly doubled our outbound calls and motivated the whole team.”

Have some fun/create a fun working environment. For some salespeople, the ability to have a little fun during work time is as much of a motivator as money (remember that your salespeople are working long hours and are in the office for a large proportion of their week). Common rewards for reaching sales goals include leaving work early, winning a team trip, a Big Boss lunch, or simply being given one hangover pass to be used at any time.  

How about getting your favourite song played when you finalise a deal, create a team dance move to rock out when you hit a target, circulate sales team quotes and gifs to increase office banter.  Fun in small spurts adds to the culture of your company and can be just as motivating and rewarding as the financial rewards you offer.  You should strive to create a fun sales environment where everyone wants to come into work every day.

Career progression is one of the most simple cost effective ways to motivate your sales team too. Although the fun and financial rewards work short term, sales employees, ultimately want to do well but also have the opportunity to get ahead in their careers. Intrinsic motivators such as development and personal growth play a huge part with a competitive sales team so don’t underestimate the power of offering training, and development opportunities, showing that you are supportive of allowing them to develop their skills to help move them to the next level or win that promotion

The simple things can also have an impact on your sales team’s motivation. The majority of employers (and not just those in the sales industry) now offer table football, ping pong tables and similar activities to be able to switch off, take a break and socialise. And although you might not think that a Ping-Pong table for the office would push people and drive behaviors, why not try it, from experience these types of incentives can make a real difference to team spirit.

When it comes to understanding how to motivate your sales team there is no simpler approach than asking them. You can do this via a survey, face-to- face or through team meetings but make sure that they understand that by giving their suggestions does not mean that you will put the reward in place. Gather ideas and suggestions and consider what works best for your business, employees and your culture.

These are some of the ideas you can use to motivate your sales team without just focusing on money. Try to keep things fresh in your business and consider what your employees want to see and use this as a basis to generate new innovative ideas.  By offering a variety of rewards, you stand a greater chance of having a motivator for every personality type on your team and developing all of your salespeople into top-tier team players. When your goals and their goals align, only the best things can happen.

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Image : Jared Sluyter