Between the team at theHRhub, we have decades of experience supporting successful people strategies in small and high growth companies.


TheHRhub helps restless business owners create and manage good working relationships with their staff in a direct and pragmatic way: keeping their leadership strong, their culture alive and their team on track.

We do this by giving no-nonsense and easy-to-action advice, simplifying our client’s HR and people issues, giving them the insight and confidence to get rid of the ‘noise’ quickly & stay on the right side of the law.

HR Guru

The Pay-As-You-Go option for business owners who need advice or help on something occasionally (and immediately!)

HR Cushion

Retained HR strategy and operational support for business owners who want consistent and proactive support to boost their working relationships.

HR Hub Membership

Ondemand HR Advice with TheHRhub’s CIPD qualified consultants on the phone or online: to help guide you through any queries you have.

HR Startup Kit

Best for getting the basics in place in order to be compliant (but also making sure it aligns with your culture) and build solid foundations for your growth.


Benchmarking of your people and practices against key areas of engagement and a plan on how to address any gaps found.

HR for PA’s and Office Managers

Retained HR support for those of whom HR is one of the many ‘hats’ they wear within their PA, EA or Office Manager job.


HR advice, support, insight and tools for every step of your employee journey.

The BIG stuff

The BIG stuff

Strategy, mission and vision. People are more engaged and productive when they understand and are aligned to what the business is trying to achieve and an HR strategy is useless if not supporting these very things. If yours is best described as ‘bits and pieces’, then we can help create and deliver one which is fully integrated with your business.

The Basics

The Basics

We believe that employee magic has a better chance of flourishing where there are solid foundations. So to help you set expectations from the word-go, we work with you to provide a framework of contracts, policies and benefits which are not only legally compliant, but right for you and aligned to your brand. When things go wrong, we’re also there to give you pragmatic advice & help you resolve & work through: we know that situations are best solved when you’re in front of them, but life tells us that unfortunately you can’t always foresee everything coming your way.

Hired help

Hired help

Whatever your hiring goals are, we can help you with sourcing, attracting and selecting the right person for the job in the most cost-effective way. If you have your own suppliers, we can be the point of contact to pull it all together and make sure no-one gets lost in the cracks!

Showing them the ropes

Showing them the ropes

New starter and induction. An employee is most at risk of leaving within the first three months of joining an organisation and takes up to 6 months to truly become productive, so after all the time and expense of hiring the best people, we look at how best to get them up to speed and ensure they stay.

Happy days

Employee wellbeing. People are happier and less stressed when they have increased autonomy and control over their environment. Often the ‘quick wins’ can be found in this area.

Management without migraines

Effective leadership and management. The phrase often quoted is that “an employee joins a company and leaves a manager” and there is no doubt that this relationship is a critical one to get right in an organisation. We look at what being an effective management team means for you and how best to support your managers in achieving this.

Fair deal

Fair deal

Reward and benefits. “The best strategy is to get compensation right – and then get it out of sight”: Daniel Pink. Pay is not a motivator, but can be a de-motivator if internal and external consistency is not seen or felt within the company. We help you look at this area with objective eyes: benchmarking pay in addition to other benefits and aspects of intrinsic and extrinsic reward.

HR systems and processes

HR systems and processes

Holding your information on spreadsheets is simple and simple is good. But when the goodness becomes hindered by version control hiccups, “Did you not get my holiday request?” and the need for reporting the same information three different and engaging ways for your board, management team and the milkman… you need a better way

Our Specialties

  • The Big Stuff: Strategy and Scaling
  • The Basics: Contracts to Compliance
  • Management without migraines: Coaching and Training

HR is a broad area (we like to think of it a bit like a GP practice…..) and as such, it is hard to template all the areas we help our clients with. Our fully qualified consultants have lived and learned through most ( if not all..) situations you will encounter and will provide fully indemnified advice to give you peace of mind, allowing you to get on and do your day job, safe in the knowledge we’ve got your back covered on the people-front.

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