Why Choose Us?

TheHRhub provides a real-time solution for Startups and SMEs to hire, manage and grow their people. We’ve experienced the growing pains that come when a business expands and have learnt the best ways to support you and deliver results. Cuppa or coffee? We don’t mind which however get in touch for a get-to-know-you chat.

Who we are

Led by Claire Ward, the Hub team has decades of experience supporting successful people strategies in small and high growth companies, helping hundreds of business leaders ( many of which have graced the Deloitte Fast 50, Telegraph top 100, Tech Track 100 & Best Companies lists) and enabling thousands of employees to thrive in their companies.

What Others Say

We think we’re doing a pretty good job at delivering value to our client base (in fact, 100% of those surveyed would recommend our services). But don’t take our word for it – see what some of our Clients have to say…

Burlington Media

“As we have grown the business, TheHRhub has proved to be an invaluable resource for support and guidance in all people related matters. Like so many businesses, hiring and developing talent is a key component of our success, so creating a framework to support this growth has been essential”

David Sparkes, CEO, Burlington Media

The information Lab

“If you think HR is an important function, but don’t know how, or don’t have time to do a good job of it, just get TheHRhub to do it for you. Everyone will think you have suddenly become an HR genius and your staff will absolutely love you for it.”

Tom Brown, CEO, The Information Lab


“TheHRhub have been transformational for our business: giving us both strategic and basic advice hand in hand, allowing us to address immediate issues threatening to derail our growth, as well as plan for the future. In short: they’re just bloody brilliant!”

Nick Stillwell, CEO, Supajam

DW Reporting

“TheHRhub has been brilliant at providing HR guidance on both a strategic and operational level. HR can be a complex and often overlooked as a core element to a firm’s strategy however TheHRhub’s pragmatic approach has helped both managers and employees feel empowered.”

Dan Wales, CEO, DW Reporting

How we work

When it comes to advice, our style can best be described as:

1. Simple

we don’t believe in over engineering anything

2. Pragmatic

striking a balance between process and flexibility; compliance and compassion; risk and judgment

3. Insightful

our collective knowledge and experience is invaluable to our clients.

4. Nice

because life is much better when you work with people who are….

Let us help you grow Your business