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LGBT History month is held every February, an event which was created to help businesses & educational establishments to celebrate and Usualise LGBT+ lives in their full diversity.

This year’s focus cinematic history with the theme #behindthelens: aiming to highlight contribution of those in the LGBT community from directors, cinematographers, screen writers through to producers, animators, costume designers, special effects, make up artists, lighting directors, musicians, choreographers and beyond. 

By supporting LGBT History Month, you can show your commitment to equality and inclusiveness, which in turn helps build better relationships with your team members from the LGBT community. Research shows that those businesses with greater diversity and inclusivity have higher retention and performance than those who don’t and so it’s a great way of helping to create a more positive work environment overall.

As part of this year’s celebrations, a film festival is being held at the Cinema museum, with tickets still available to purchase and several screenings for this year. 

Not able to trek to London or have the time for one of those sessions? How about an office/ home screening of one of the following acclaimed films to celebrate the LGBT community:

  • “Moonlight” (2016) – A coming-of-age story about a young black man growing up in Miami and discovering his sexuality.
  • “Call Me By Your Name” (2017) – A romantic drama set in Italy about a summer love affair between a 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man.
  • “The Kids Are Alright” (2010) – A comedy-drama about two lesbian mothers raising their teenage children and navigating their relationship with the biological father.
  • “God’s Own Country” (2017) – A romantic drama set in rural England about a young farmer who falls in love with a Romanian migrant worker.
  • “Happy Together” (1997) – A romantic drama about a tumultuous relationship between two gay men living in Hong Kong.
  • “Bound” (1996) – A neo-noir crime thriller about a lesbian couple who plot to steal millions from the Mafia.
  • “Brokeback Mountain” (2005) – A romantic drama about two cowboys who fall in love and struggle to maintain their relationship over many years.
  • “Milk” (2008) – A biographical drama about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California.

Of course it doesn’t need to be a film showing. Other ways you can share the love this LGBT History month:

  • Start a conversation: Talk to your coworkers and manager about the importance of celebrating LGBT history month. Encourage them to get involved and support the cause.

  • Display educational materials: Put up posters, flyers, and other materials around the workplace to educate people about the history of the LGBT community and the significance of the month.

  • Organise events: Plan events such as a film screening (see above), panel discussion, or informational fair to raise awareness and celebrate LGBT history and culture
  • Provide resources: Share books, articles, and other resources related to LGBT history and culture to encourage others to learn more about the subject.

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