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It’s about this time in January when we realise that the month has almost gone and that maybe we need to start picking up the pace a teensy bit more with our intentions and possibly with our team in the coming weeks… Everything’s all okay,  but maybe things haven’t been moving quite as quickly as you’d hoped this month.

And it’s understandable. There’s a lot to get done and only a certain amount of hours in the day.  The targets might be stretching but hopefully all the right foundations are there – you just need to inject a little bit more pizzazz to help things along….

If you’re in this camp right now, then here are a few tips for turning up the dial (in a way that doesn’t frighten the team!):

  • Remind the team that they matter aka. your vision. You know the one I mean. ‘Why’ you are all here in the first place. ‘Why’ it’s important to them that you hit those goals. ‘Why’ the company is in existence. Without this connection to the purpose, they could be working for anyone….
  • Spend time giving a little feedback: it’s one of the best (and cheapest) ways to help someone grow. Raise their self awareness by praising the things they have done a great job on.
  • Listen to what the team has got to say: they may seem tired, grumpy, lazy (or any other of the seven dwarves…), but you can bet they’ll be feeling motivated after some time spent with their leader and given the opportunity to have their say. Do they have any suggestions of how to do things differently or better that can help? Often with time for reflection, people come up with some great ideas.
  • Hold a 30-day Check-in: meet with all the team, communicate what progress has been made and what a difference this has made.
  • Go easy on the micromanagement: it’s tempting when things aren’t going as we like to jump in and start holding meetings every day to see how you’ve progressed, but If you set out clearly what you are looking for your team to deliver, give them support to do so, then allow them some breathing space to do just that, without their diaries being clogged up by meetings and their autonomy jeopardised.
  • Add a little extra incentive: we’ve all read that the evidence for complex bonus structures and remuneration packages driving motivation is not present ( even decreasing it in certain areas..) however incentives which are offered for a simple and easy to understand and achievable task are a different kettle of fish altogether. So offer a meal out, front row tickets to the Donmar or whatever floats the particular boat of your team to get them focused on a short term competition.
  • Hold a 60-day Check-In: reward any progress which has been made (publicly and privately) to reinforce the behaviour you want to see
  • Show off your clients : have one of your customers/ clients come in to talk to the team about what a difference your product/ service has made to their business. It gets straight to the point of ‘Why’ they’re here and helps instil a sense of pride.
  • Cut yourself some slack whilst you’re at it: With all this focus on other’s it’s easy to forgo the progress you have made, so re-visit where you were this time last year and give yourself a pat on the back.

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