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As we approach the holiday period, Christmas Jumper Day is a topic of conversation in many workplaces all across the UK. The premise is fairly simple. On Friday 16th December, we’re encouraged to wear our silliest knitwear. It’s fun, it’s festive, and it’s also for a good cause: by donating £2, you’ll also be helping Save the Children to save young lives.

Wondering whether your workplace should get involved? There are so many reasons to do so: it could be a great morale booster during a time when work is likely to be hectic, not to mention the fact that it also gives you the opportunity to give something back to the wider community, something which we know helps drive engagement. (Wondering who to blame for this all however is another matter entirely & in which case I’d point you in the direction of none other than Mark Darcy ….)

Some folks might be concerned that their dress codes exist solely to portray a professional front to customers and clients and that allowing the team to dress like 80’s telly presenters might somehow water the ‘look’ they want down, however it’s highly unlikely anyone’s going to be concerned if you change your standards for the day. Particularly when done in the name of charidddy…. 

So put a willing volunteer in charge of proceedings, so you can ensure that the cash is collected and donated to the charity within the right timeframe. And let the fun commence…

For further inspiration for making the day a resounding success, download a free fundraising pack from Save the Children.

Christmas Jumper Day (and it’s counterparts – dressing the Christmas Tree & Secret Santa) might not be the most strategic HR issues you’ll come across this year. But sometimes, being a good leader isn’t just about driving forward profits and sales. It’s about creating positive and thriving workplaces. And I’m afraid as the boss, it’s definitely your role to lead from the front with a particularly hideous example of the Christmas jumper genre.

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