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When someone steps up in their team and changes their role from that of a technical specialist to managing a team, it’s a really special moment for them. One that can be a wee bit scary sometimes too…. But definitely exciting. There are definitely those who take this change in role in their stride, who seem to possess the innate talents needed to help motivate their team, be able to gain their respect quickly and manage situations with diplomatic aplomb. But for most a little help is needed to get them on their way….

Aside from sending them on a training course to learn about ‘management techniques’ (and a word of caution with these, if choosing this route, make sure you find a provider whose public courses share your style of management culture as otherwise, attendance can have the opposite effect to that desired!), there are plenty of ways in which you can use your expertise and experience to set your new team members up on the path to success, which will help your manage your business better and free you up to have more time focussing on the strategic parts of your business. After all, you wanted to delegate, right?

  1. Be clear to them on what you expect from them in terms of management style and content: from what reports, stats and updates you expect through to how often you want to meet with them to have 1-2-1’s. Your actions here will help define how clearly they manage.
  2. Establish and articulate clear your goals: you have your company vision, you have your company values and goals. But don’t expect your new managers to be able to communicate these well to the team if you haven’t done so first!  Communication of your aspirations from the top level to the tiniest level will only enhance the magic for your team.
  3. Encourage them to spend time with their teams really getting to know what they want: they may already know the team from being a peer/ side by side on a project, but spending time finding out what their long term career goals are, is probably unlikely conversation from by the water-cooler and worth the time to find out.
  4. Let them know that management is not about them: they may be desperate to prove how great they are in their role as manager, however ultimately, if you are managing people, it’s all about the team. “A great boss takes all the credit for any mistakes made and none of it for the successes”, is what I was once told…
  5. Provide them with tools and resources for them to manage: if there is budget for team building, make it clear on what it is. If there is no budget for any team building, make that clear too.
  6. Keep the door open: give them time to talk through situations as they arise, making clear your door is always open and that there sometimes will be situations that arise that are better dealt with two-heads than one
  7. But recognise that someone might not make the right call in any given situation and don’t come down on them too hard when they do!
  8. Provide regular, quality informal feedback: you can do this by regularly checking in with the new manager and feeding back to them what’s great and what they can improve on.
  9. Encourage them to seek ideas and feedback from their own teams: a team with a new manager might be a little nervous however nerves and fear of change can be eliminated if they are encouraged to be ‘part of’ that change.
  10. We are the Champions!: Make sure that every person has got a champion for their career in the business to help them to discuss their own career aims and development goals. If you don’t have enough internally and your budget will stretch, find one externally to provide this support.

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