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Later this year,The HR Hub team will be moving up in the world, as we take part in the Three Peaks Challenge.

The race¬†to climb¬†Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon¬†(the three highest mountains in the UK)¬†within 24 hours,¬† is one I‚Äôm both looking forward to and with apprehension in¬† equal measure. On the plus side, it will be great to spend some time with the team away from laptops and with the wind in our hair¬†( and perhaps the odd blister on our feet too‚Ķ.).¬†However given that the last time I saw Scafell Pike through a window out of¬†the back of an ambulance as I was whisked away to the hospital having suffered hypothermia was on a Silver Duke of Edinburgh exercise,¬†I’m hoping very much that my visit this time will be with less need for medical intervention!

Notwithstanding this, the team and I are all primed and ready to start our training¬†for the big weekend! And so how lucky we are then, that in the first month of our training for the race, that May is¬†none other than¬†¬†National Walking Month¬†–¬†an annual campaign that takes place every May to encourage people to walk more and improve their physical and mental health¬†– something that can only. boost our motivation to lace up the trainers.

The campaign is led by the charity Living Streets and aims to raise awareness about the benefits of walking, as well as promoting walking as a sustainable and environmentally friendly form of transport. It’s also therefore a great opportunity for you to support your team members in engaging with this & some suggestions of how to do this are shown below:

  • 3 Weeks Challenge:¬†Create a walking challenge for different team members to rack up the distance of the Three Peaks Challenge between them, but to be done over the remaining days are left in the month. Less sleep deprivation needed for this one that the real Challenge but still provides a sense of achievement for those who take part.

  • Walkey Talkey: Encourage team members to take their meetings outside and walk while they talk. This can be a great way to boost creativity and productivity, while also getting some exercise.

  • Happy Feet:¬†Create a walking club within your company, where team members can get together and go for a walk during lunch breaks or after work. This can help foster a nice sense of community and support among the team as well as often getting to see parts of your city and town that you’ve never seen before!

  • Keep on track:¬† Share resources to help people get started such as route maps, apps to share or trackers in order to make it more accessible & achievable for everyone.

  • Lead from the front:¬†As a business owner or leader, you can set an example by prioritising¬†your own physical activity and encouraging your team members to do the same. This helps create a culture of Unity as well as one which values and supports their team’s well-being.

For more information on how to keep your team engaged and firing on all cyclinders, drop us a line via, give us a call on 0203 6277048 or pop in a diary time here.

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